Done for you WINNING SEO Content Briefs and Outlines

Our done-for-you SEO content outlines take all of the guesswork out of the process. We’ll provide you with a winning brief that includes everything from target keywords and audience personas, to suggested topics and tone of voice. Plus, our outlines are tailored specifically for your business so you can create cohesive content that nails search intent.

You want to write great SEO content, but you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself.

It’s tough trying to come up with a good topic idea, let alone write an entire article around it. Not to mention, you don’t want to produce low-quality content that will hurt your website’s ranking.

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The SEO Content Brief + Outline

Let us take care of it for you with our done-for-you SEO content outline. We’ll help you nail search intent, give you clear direction for each piece of content, and make sure your content is cohesive and high quality. Plus, our outline will help speed up the writing process for you!

Elements of a 5-Star Content Brief

When creating content for your brand or organization, it is important to have a strong content brief that outlines what you need to include in any given piece. A well written content brief should cover five key elements:


Nail search intent

Understanding what your customers are trying to accomplish with a search query is the key to understanding how to cater the best results for them. By doing so, you can choose content topics and keywords that match their intentions and provide helpful results that engage people. If you can accurately nail search intent, it will make it easier to target the right people, create more accurate and relevant content, drive qualified leads, increase organic traffic and also ensure happy customers who keep coming back for more. The benefits of being able to understand what users want by unlocking the intention behind their searches is immense.

Quality control

When it comes to creating a successful blog, quality control is paramount. Failing to properly plan one’s vision for the blog can lead to haphazard posts that lack continuity and do not target the desired audience. Crafting outlines when constructing blog posts ensures that the specific purpose for each post is addressed in an organized manner. Topics are developed with greater detail and links are provided between major points in an effort to direct readers to conclusions or provide context when necessary. Furthermore, requiring outlines also improves future planning, saving time as bloggers can group similarly themed ideas together while referencing old outlines for parts of their writers block solutions. Quality control should always be a priority when launching any type of creative project, especially regarding sites like blogs where multiple posts need to be structured towards an overarching goal.

Clear Direction

When writing content, it can often be difficult to know where to start. Without context, it can be hard to develop an idea further or know what the main points should be. Having a content outline gives writers a clear direction that can help them focus on the key points and ensure nothing is missed. It provides them with structure so they understand every step in the process, from start to finish. An outline can also act as a blueprint for writers to refer back to while writing and act as a reminder of important ideas that need to be included in their work. With such guidance and support, writers are able to create more meaningful content that produces quality results.

Speed up writing

Outlines are a valuable tool when it comes to writing content quickly, either in-house or with freelancers. They provide a general guide to writing and structure, breaking up the task of creating well-crafted content into mini tasks that are much easier to follow. When used correctly, outlines help eliminate lengthy editing processes and ensure that the piece is organized around key points that lead to a comprehensive, cohesive outcome. Furthermore, if you’re working with someone who’s new to freelance writing, outlines become an invaluable resource as they provide direction and clarity while freeing up their creativity. In this way, outlines can significantly speed up the writing process without sacrificing quality.

Create cohesive content

Creating cohesive content can be intimidating and time-consuming, but by making an outline, you can save yourself some stress. Taking the time to create a clear and concise structure before writing your post can make it easier to stay on track and keep your content organized. An outline will not only help you identify important details about the topic, but can also indicate any gaps in your research that need to be filled. Even if you don’t create a detailed outline before beginning, having a roadmap in mind from the start helps ensure that all of your information is connected and flows together smoothly. Crafting an effective outline is essential for creating cohesive content – it’s the key to success!

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